13 of the scariest health hazards of Halloween


( CNN) Americans go batty for Halloween. We’re not “afraid youre going to” dig deep to have a howling good time.

Dressing up as scares and ogres, such those working in Fortnite( this year’s most popular costume ), will gobble up $3.2 billion in temporary apparel without even a bloodcurdling shriek. Ghoulish emblems will slurp up another $2.7 billion, while candy will drain a mere $2.6 billion from our veins lives.

What’s genuinely petrifying: The very pieces we purchase to have a frightfully fun holiday can help injure( or even kill) us and our loved ones if not used with caution.

Choose a ladder with slip-resistant paws that extends at least 3 paws over the roofline.

Place it on firm and level ground. If it’s not, buy leg levelers at the hardware storage.

Shape sure the ladder can support your load and have a aide hold it at the bottom.

Don’t use a metal ladder near any power cable or electrical equipment.

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