20+ Photos Reveal What Its Like To Raise Boys

As someone who was the only child in the family, I had always thought that having a few friends would construct “peoples lives” way more fun. Sara Easter, a photographer from Arlington, Texas, has been documenting the day-to-day living for her three sons( 4,7, and 9 ), and her candid shots merely support my childhood fantasy. Of course, what is “fun” to a kid, often entails something else to their parents.

“At this degree the sons are somewhat immune to my picture taking, ” Easter told Bored Panda . “I photograph them almost daily so they hardly even notice me doing it anymore. It’s merely a thing[ their] mom does.”

“I started taking pictures of my sons for the same reasons every mother does. I just wanted to remember what they were like, ” Sara mentioned. “I gave up taking posed photographs of my sons pretty quick for that same reason. I didn’t ever appreciate who they actually were in those photos( although I do very much value portraits and love to have those as well ). I craved photos of them doing what the hell is normally do, being themselves because that is what I really want to remember.”

Seeing how quickly her kids change really motivates Sara to continue the series. “I’ll look at photos from a year ago and not only will my children look different but their dolls, chambers, activities, and foibles will have changed. I’m constantly trying to catch who they are before they change again.” A well documented and precise portraying of their childhood is what the mama constantly strives for. “I want them to have something of themselves to share with their children and grandkids. But most importantly I want them to be able to see themselves how I visualize them through these photos. They are wild, creative, funny, kind, caring, generous, silly and smart. I hope they can see all of that reflected through the lane I photograph them.”

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