20+ Times Retrievers Proved They Are The Best Dogs Ever

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the most popular puppies in so many countries across the world, and it’s easy to realise why. They are loads of fun, people-oriented, obedient yet curious and have a sharp intelligence that still shines through beneath their hilariously goofy nature.

Originating in Newfoundland, where the latter are first bred to assistance fishermen and hunters to retrieve their cyberspaces and catch, Labradors are now commonly used as guide-dogs and comfort animals for the disabled. Golden Retrievers are very similar to Labs, with slight differences between British, American and Canadian forms. They are all high-energy dogs, so they need plenty of exert! They do enjoy a snuggle as well though, and are ever eager to please their humans. That why we enjoy them so much!

Scroll down to see some of the cutest Labs and Golden Retrievers, compiled into a list by Bored Panda , and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you have a Labrador or Golden Retriever yourself? Feel free to share pics and narratives too!

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