Age: 43. Hobby: Lego. Rise of the middle-aged toy fans

Brighton Bricks Image caption Nick Bright( R) says he has returned to the Lego he loved as a child

At one end of the table, one enthusiast is meticulously laying out Lego pieces ready to construct a James Bond car.

At the other end, a game is being played where each participant adds another block to create a funny looking figure.

Little is unusual about this imaginative play – except that everyone taking part is middle-aged.

They are members of Brighton Bricks, a group of adult Lego fans who meet up to talk, play and swap collections every month in a pub on the south coast.

“There is nothing incorrect with simply playing with it. It is a plaything. As an adult, it is still quite a bit of fun setting off the ejector seat on the Bond car, ” says Nick Bright, the group’s 43 -year-old leader.

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