Bellabeats new hybrid smartwatch tracks your stressand goes with your outfit

Bellabeat, the company behind various categories of health and wellness wearable machines aimed at girls, is now selling its first smartwatch. The machine, which is simply called ” Time ,” was announced earlier this month right in the midst of holiday patronize season. Like other fitness trackers, the watch is capable of basic duties like counting your paces, tracking sleep patterns and reminding you to move. But unlike traditional smartwatches — which, aesthetically, are still very much only a screen on your wrist — the Time is designed to look like jewelry.

The hybrid machine looks a lot like a watch — albeit not a extremely expensive one.

It’s squarely in the range of style jewelry, with either silver or rose gold stainless steel finishes make their own choices, and a minimalist watch face that waives complications like the date or the moon phase, for example. It even lacks a second hand.

That said, I prefer its cleaner look-and-feel to the gaudier smartwatches put out by brands like Michael Kors and Fossil.( Plus, there’s no Android Wear/ Wear OS to contend with here .)

As an analog watch, it has both its pros and cons.

It’s designed to be hypoallergenic so as not to chafe those with sensitive skin, and it has some sea resist.( ATM pointed 3, intending it was able to withstand a vigorous hand launder and the rainfall. You can’t swim, cleanse or dive with it .)

ATMYou also don’t have to charge it, which attains it feel more like a “real” watch than a gadget.

However, there’s a potential downside here, too — the coin cell battery only lasts “up to” six months. You’ll then need to use the tiny tool it ships with to supplant the old battery with a new one.

Of course, some will see a user-replaceable battery as a perk. I don’t, but that’s a personal predilection on my part.

I much opt just lowering my Apple Watch onto a charger rather than having to keep up with a small watch tool, which can be easy to lose or misplace in the time between restores. I’m likewise not a fan of having to unscrew tiny fuckings and then obtaining some sort of small, sharp-witted any objections to pop out the battery. Perhaps that’s because I have a child with a dozen or so battery-operated playthings. I’m invariably unscrewing things to replace batteries, and frankly I don’t need another.

In any event, among the watch’s better characteristics is the fact that it packs up fitness and wellness tracking in a machine that extends as a regular — and even somewhat attractive — article of style jewelry. The Time will go better with some of your outfits where you simply don’t think the Apple Watch employments — even with one of Apple’s fancier bands.

Of course, it’s not as seamless to utilize Time as the Apple Watch, which has the Apple platform advantage.( Or an Android smartwatch taken together with an Android phone, for that matter .)

Instead, you have to sync your activity between the watch and the third-party Bellabeat app to view things like the steps taken or hours slept. You do so by tapping a sync button in the app and double-tapping on the watch face.


The app can also serve as way to keep up with the various aspects of your health and wellness, including your hydration goals, stress, meditation time and your period.

The stress metrics are calculated for you, based on factors like activity levels, sleep tone, reproductive health and meditation over the past few weeks. But hydration and menstruation have to be logged manually (* unless you’re using Bellabeat Spring — see below .)

The mediation tracking merely calculates your advancement through the app’s own selection of more than 30 included exerts. While it’s nice to have access to those resources included in the app, many people are already using popular meditation apps like Calm or Headspace. An “import” alternative for externally logged” mindful minutes” would have been nice here.

One of Time’s better aspects are its silent dismays and inactivity notifies. Instead of pings and loud noises, the watch more calmly reminds you of things with tremors you configure. There are also included consternations for waking up, taking your vitamins, taking your contraception capsule and another general dismay established, each with their own toggle switches and settings.

gold stainless steel finishes

There is something to be said for a quieter smartwatch, specially if stress degrees are a concern.( There’s also something to be said for a machine that’s built by the status of women with the needs of women in mind. Remember how long it took for Apple to realize interval tracking was a thing ?)

That said, it’s unfortunately growing more difficult for smaller device manufacturers to compete with the Apple Watch, which has now moved into advanced areas with its Series 4 pipeline, with athletics, life-saving ECG and fall spotting features, together with smarter workout detection( and yes, you can still swim with it ), plus its ability to work with the broader iOS app ecosystem in a more native way.

But the Apple Watch is pricier at $399 and up for current examples. Bellabeat’s Time, by comparison, is $179.

The Bellabeat mobile app will work with other Bellabeat products, including its wellness tracker Leaf( which can be worn as a bangle, necklace, clip, etc .), and $59 smart water bottle, Spring.

Combined, the Spring and Time could be a good entering phase into the world of fitness and wellness trackers for those who never felt that wearables and trackers were right for them. Bellabeat’s line is more of a lifestyle choice based just as much on searches as on tech, if not more so.

The question now is whether or not Bellabeat can carve out a big enough slice of the smartwatch market, which continues to be is characterized by Apple, to sustain itself in the years ahead.

Bellabeat was a Y Combinator 2014 grad founded by female entrepreneur Urska Srsen, and has raised ~$ 19 million to date, according to Crunchbase. It previously sold products for expectant moms, as well, but those ought to have phased out. Bellabeat declined to share any user metrics or revenue figures, when asked.

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