I Adopted My Brothers Two Bengals When He Passed Away. I Did My Best To Build Them A Cat Jungle In My Basement And Make Him Proud

Coping with loss and grief is one of the very hardest things to endure in life, particularly when a person very close to you has passed away at a tragically young age. Hilton Patton from Edmonton, Alberta, decided that the best space to honor his late brother Boston was to build something truly special for the beloved Bengal felines he left behind, and the result is beautiful.

“The cats’ epithets are Benji and Nala, ” Hilton told Bored Panda . “Nala is about 5, and Benji is about 3 I believe. They’ve had a hard time adjusting. Nala’s always been a more social “cat-o-nine-tail” who loves people in general, so she was a bit easier, but Benji has actually ever desired, or even liked, one person, and that’s Boston. He’s never really let anyone else even pet him. But with Boston, he’d follow him around, jump on him, sleep on him, everything. Benji has only now only started to feel comfortable with come this way and playing with me and Nala.”

“For undertaking the project, I knew he would never crave Benji and Nala split up, because he had actually specifically told me that. And I know he wouldn’t crave them going to someone he didn’t know or completely trust. I frankly can’t even clarify my whole thought process at the time, cause it actually was just a lot of ache. Just nothing mattered except for doing something him. Money didn’t matter, my job didn’t content , good-for-nothing mattered.”

“Emotionally, the construction of it I think was helpful at the time, cause I was in an extremely dark home and it was something I could pour myself completely into. All my fund, all my occasion, it went to that. I’m still not out of the dark region if I’m is sincere, and I don’t imagine I ever will be, but being near the cats and getting to see them every day does help.”

Hilton goes into detail about how he and his pals built the feline paradise below, and if you’d like to help him make it even better, you can check out his gofundme page here.

“I know this probably will seem quite amateur, and that’s candidly because it altogether is. Moving into this project, I had literally zero experience doing anything I did, I simply knew I wanted to do something awesome for my little brother and his cats.
I had spent all my fund and maxed out my cards on all the quantities and the only 2 things I could afford to pay professionals to do was the framing, and laying the turf. Likewise, I had a good friend do the electrical.
Everything else though, from the drywall, the shelves, carpeting the walls, making an optical fiber night sky, passing loudspeaker wire, were done by me and the help of some of my brother’s friends with no knowledge at all of what we were doing.”

“A quick walkthrough of the basement”

“Electrical done with stores in only select regions. The house electrical was framed off and induced into a mini chamber to make sure the felines couldn’t get to it or hurt themselves”

“Drywalling starts, and is not merely is it exhausting, but we were also insanely bad at it”

“Walls all finished”

“We start running optic fiber wire”

“We really didn’t know the best way to quantify it all out for where it would need to go, so this was our solution”

“The back of an average ceiling board”

“Wires start to stack up”

“Wires hidden. I also installed 4 ceiling loudspeakers to play jungle clangs in all regions of the basement”

“Starting work on the primary star system attraction”

“The finished backside of the primary star system”

“1st half of his stars”

“Second half of his stars, I did my best to recreate a picture of him I know he loved”

“Here’s what it looks a lot like at night”

“Before finishing the ceiling( we were a little all over the place) I started projecting out shelves, and cut a small little cave for the felines to go in between the walls up high”

“Shelves start going up to see what they will look like, and celebrating their spots”

“Shelves part 2”

“Wall carpeting begins”

“Shelves put in place over the carpet”

“Concrete gets cleaned up and ready for turf”

“Turf has been laid! I was super glad that I was able to afford professionals to do this, because they did so much better of a task than I could have ever done”

“What I call the “sh* t pit” set up on a rug so that it could be easily cleaned if needed”

“Shelf made and air filter placed above the shit cavity to eliminate any smell”

“Carpeting all the shelves”

“Setting up the sea feature area. The two plants behind it are fake”

“Finished water feature area. The flowers on the right are real, and called Boston Ferns, which was insanely fitting( and why I bought them) ”

“Buying toys, and other premade feline furniture. Also installed a hammock for me to lay in when hanging out with the cats”

“Benji and Nala move in! ”

“Nala getting comfy”

“Benji loves the wall cave”

“They realize they are in a position clamber the walls, and they adore it”

“The basement has the felines in now, But it’s still missing a lot of what I hope to eventually add when I save enough fund. Likewise, stop here if you don’t crave things to get emotional”

“This is my little brother Boston. I did all of this for him. I wish he could see it. He passed away on Feb 03, 2018 from suicide. I desire him and miss him more than terms are now able to describe”

“I love you buddy. The pain hasn’t stopped for a single second since you left”

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