Mario Kart Hot Wheels are debuting at Comic-Con

Image: nintendo

Mario Kart and Hot Wheels sound like a match constructed in heaven, and soon we will all be living in heaven.

Not because we succumbed after living lives free from sin , no, but because Mattel is releasing a Mario Kart-inspired line of Hot Wheels playthings next year. Take a look at these bad boys :P TAGEND

Image: David Chickering/ mattel

They’ve got all your favorites: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, Rosalina, Toad in a funny little shoe automobile, Bowser in his signature pink convertible, Yoshi in a speedy-looking number. What more could you ask for? Donkey Kong? Waluigi? Yeah, probably, but take it up with Hot Wheels.

These Mario Kart Hot Wheels playthings are debuting at San Diego Comic Con Wednesday and will be available to check out at the Nintendo and Mattel booths during the show( July 18 to July 22 ).

For folks who aren’t at the show, the toys will be available to purchase separately for $4.99 a pop when they come out in stores in June 2019.

Not merely will there be Mario Kart Hot Wheels available next summer, but Hot Wheels will also be constructing tracks inspired by Mario Kart courses, which sounds amazing and exactly like the kind of thing I wanted as a kid.

There’s no word yet on whether Hot Wheels has developed a working blue shell that will blow up whichever character is in first place. We will keep you updated.

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