‘My six year old son lives in isolation’

Dee Peppiett

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Media captionLittle six-year-old Mason is receiving treatment for brain cancer

Mason is six. He likes the things that most six year olds like – watching Paw Patrol, playing with his pals and going to the park. But eight months ago he was diagnosed with psyche cancer and for the last two months has been forced to live in a room with just his mothers for company.

Mason is undergoing gruelling care that has left his immune structure diluted. In her own terms, his mother Dee Peppiett, 54, from Ebbw Vale, explains how this isolation affects her little son and their wider family.

Few people understand what it is like to have a child with cancer.

First there is a awful sense of helplessness – a deep desire to take away their pain or go through it for them.

You feel out of control and useless, unable to protect your child.

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