Peppa Pig blocked on popular Chinese app

Image copyright Getty Images/ Rob Stothard Image caption Peppa Pig is the latest subject of China’s censors

A popular British cartoon has been removed from one of China’s most well known social media platforms, with government media saying that the character is being used subversively.

Social media customers in the country noticed video clips of the cartoon were being removed on Saturday, and on Monday, state newspaper Global Times said that the #PeppaPig hashtag had been removed from the Douyin video website, while searches for “Peppa Pig” on the website rendered no results.

Many papers likewise note that the platform appears to have added “Peppa Pig” to its list of blacklisted content.

The Peppa Pig cartoon is enormously popular in China, but despite being targeted at a pre-school audience, it has determined mass appeal with Chinese adults in recent months.

Its characters have become a common are available in memes, including sexually suggestive content.

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