Prince William Teases What Prince George & Princess Charlotte Want To Be When They Grow Up!

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are already looking to the future.

Despite being in line for the British throne, it seems that Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s children already have passions they’d like to pursue AWAY from royal life. Ooh, go on !!

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According to Hello Magazine, during the course of its Commonwealth Day reception on Monday, the 35 -year-old prince opened up about his daughter’s love of dancing. While many of Charlotte’s peers are dreaming about becoming princess, she’s busy focusing on her dancer aspirations. Awwww!

It’s used to say William discussed the nearly three-year-old’s natural gift with Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and members of their families. Apparently, the topic came up when Muscat revealed that his girls, Etoile Ella and Soleil Sophie, attend a stage school. After noting further that the school is one Charlotte would probably enjoy, he added:

“My daughter Charlotte enjoys dancing.”

A princess became prima ballerina ?? We can see it !!

Clearly, with his third kiddo on the way, William is envisaging at what’s to come for his brood. On Tuesday, Prince Charles’ son confirmed that his four-year-old boy is “obsessed” with all things police related. The Duke of Cambridge made the admission during an event honoring those who work at New Scotland Yard.

Amid the reception held during Kensington Palace, police commissioner Jayne Richardson joked that the young prince and his sister are welcome to apply for jobs, if they’re so inclined. Specifically, he quipped :P TAGEND

“We are recruiting, actually, so if George and Charlotte are keen? “

And it appears that William wouldn’t be surprised if George DID prosecute a career in the legal realm, as he reacted :P TAGEND

“[ George] is obsessed, actually, by the police…cars, playthings, everything.”

In case you forgot, back in November, William devoted Santa Claus George’s simple Christmas list. At the time, George only requested one item — a police car.

Hey, George could always renounce his name to pursue a law enforcement career. Anything is possible !!

We candidly can’t wait to see what these kids accomplish in the years to come !!

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