Rainbow Stacker Bundle 5pcs – Wooden Nesting Puzzle/Creative Build


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This Rainbow is an incredibly versatile toy and one of our all-time bestsellers.

It can be used as a stacking toy with endless stacking variations, or use it to build a tunnel for your toys, house for your dolls.

Play with it as a marble run with the rainbow balls or just about anything your child’s imagination can think of!

And when you are finished playing with it, put it on the shelf and enjoy its colorfulness and beauty!

Made of birch wood and nontoxic water-based.

The bundle includes:


12 pcs: 7″H x 14” W

Half circles: 7″ H x 14.5″ W

Building Boards: 3.2″ H x 15″ W

Balls: 1.8″ diameter

Little people: 2.6” H x 1.6” W