Robby the Robot Walmart Forbidden Planet Mod Kit! (NOW Hands w/ Blaster!)

Robby the Robot Walmart Forbidden Planet Mod Kit! (NOW Hands w/ Blaster!)


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Robby the Robot Walmart Forbidden Planet Custom Mod Kit (Walmart Robby the Robot NOT included)

(NOTE: Blaster for the original Walmart Robby hands can be purchased separately in my other auction

Modify your Walmart Robby (not included) so that his sax valves go up and down, his wig wags move side to side, and his front eyebeams blink one and the other and the voice light shines blue.  Also, replace your Geneva Mechanism  and Star Drive parts in Robby’s heartbox along with his hands for more screen-accurate parts!

UPDATE: New to this batch of mod kits are redesigned Geneva Mechanism (holes slightly smaller and farther apart) and Star Drive (white “light now larger and the star is more triangular) along with a hand-detailed blaster attached to the right Robby hand!

A screen accurate pair of Robby hands with attached blaster (a $12 value by itself) from Robothut now included in the mod kit!
(Robby Hands are included via creative commons – attribution by Robothut “Robby Robot Glove scan for Walmart Robby toy”)
These hands were made from scans of a mold of the original Robby the Robot!
and also

Please see Robothut’s video about the hands and how to install them:
See videos of the original and modded Robby comparison:

This mod kit includes the following:
Pair of Robby Hands (with attached blaster), Sax Valves, WigWag, Geneva Mechanism, Star Drive, Blue Sheet for Voice, front Eyebeams and fiber optic cables.
Parts are 3D printed, Rubber, and Metal.  As always with 3D printing, slight imperfections may occur during the printing process.
Please refer to the eBay pictures to learn how to mod your Walmart Robby
(I am also selling a FULL-SIZED, light up Forbidden Planet Blaster with stand in my other auction.  Please see
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