‘Rocket League’ is becoming reality with new RC car set

Image: psyonix

The only problem with Rocket League is that you can’t really play car soccer in real life. Hot Wheels is changing that.

Hot Wheels and Rocket League developer Psyonix teamed up to create a Rocket League RC car set that includes two smartphone-controlled cars, a game ball, and an arena that knows when you’ve made a goal and keeps score. The Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC Set is coming this fall.

Image: hot wheels

The set’s two cars, an Octane and a Dominus from the video game, can be controlled with an app on a smartphone or other smart device. The ball, which looks like the ball from the game, has an infrared signal so the goals and scoreboard can keep track of points. It even comes with a charging base for the cars that looks like a boost pad from the game.

The Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC Set, which will cost $179.99, will also come with codes for downloadable content in Rocket League. More details on the set and in-game content will be detailed at a later date.

This isn’t the first time that Hot Wheels and Rocket League have teamed up. In the video game, there are a handful of Hot Wheels items and two Hot Wheels-inspired cars that players can buy and use in matches.

The new fully controllable RC car set is just the next step in the evolution of Rocket League becoming an actual real activity with full-sized, rocket-powered cars.

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