So, here’s a naked Donald Trump on the cover of ‘The New Yorker.’

On next week’s New Yorker cover: Donald Trump, in the flesh.

The magazine unveiled its upcoming cover-up Friday morning, featuring an original watercolour from illustrator Barry Blitt. It illustrates the president taking press topics, amply naked, from behind the pulpit. The encompas artwork is aptly named, “Exposed.”

“I wanted to address President Trump’s stormy relationship with the press, ” Blitt told the publication.

Image: the new yorker

Blitt’s been working with the magazine since 1992, and is known for his controversial embraces. In 2008, he and The New Yorker drew criticism from Barack Obama’s campaign and others for a encompas illustration depicting the then-presidential nominee and his wife Michelle wearing a turban, and toting a artillery, respectively, in the White House Oval Office. The magazine defended the encompas as satire.

“Exposed” is just one of Blitt’s many embraces that feature Trump.

Now, go Google some photos of puppies or something. Your brain needs it.

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