Spending Christmas in the World of Warcraft

Bath Image copyright Blizzard Entertainment Image caption World of Warcraft launched in 2004 – at its peak in 2010 it attracted nearly 12 million subscribers

World of Warcraft lets musicians to dive into a immense fantasy realm inhabited with players from around the world. Together they duel to survive alongside dragons, trolls and witches – even on Christmas Day.

Video games have long proved a formidable force in capturing the hearts, imaginations and wallets of people all over the world.

The most immersive gaming experience, according to its followers, is World of Warcraft and in Azeroth, where the game is fixed, even Christmas Day is celebrated with turkey feasts, snowball battles and existing under a tree.

In a period where many of us invest more occasion online, what does it mean to celebrate 25 December in a virtual world-wide?

‘It delivers us together’

Christmas Image copyright Kieran Hart Image caption Kieran Hart says the game allowed him to virtually meet up with his far-flung friends
Kieran Hart

“Me and my friends generally wake up quite early together. We log on, meet up and make sure everyone is in the same locating, ” says 20 -year-old Kieran Hart.

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