The words you’d love to hear your children say

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With children back at academy, the whodunit of what they are doing all day and how they are getting on is also available pre-occupying many parents.

Any parent of local schools child will be familiar with monosyllabic responses drawn from the question: “How was academy darling? ”

Wouldn’t it be nice if they just answered properly for once?

Research with a panel of 1,000 mothers for communications app ClassDojo, has disclosed the top phrases parents of primary-age children long to hear from their sprogs. These are the top 10.

1 “The toys are all straightened away fully and put in the right boxes.”

Top scorer in the poll at 35%. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the words ‘Tidy Up Time’ accompanied with an enthusiastic grin actually prompted action? Why does it simply work in the classroom? Word to the wise: don’t worry about it, simply wipe all that toy debris into the corner of the room at night.

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