Tumblr User Explains Why Violet Should Have Won In Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

We’ve all get our childhood favorites, from cartoons to music, from playthings to movies, etc. Some like “Matilda” while others are all about “Home Alone”, but we’re sure there are quite a few who would choose “Willy Wonka& the Chocolate Factory” as their all-time favorite. And there’s surely a good reason for that. The movie offers an exciting adventure, full of colours and fantasy and all things merriment! The story also offers some teaching times, and we all know how everyone adores a good moral, where the kind are rewarded and the flawed are punished. However, one Tumblr user, Evayna, did not are incompatible with the moral of Wonka’s story and proposed her own take on how the movie should’ve objective. While the original kindness poor Charlie, “womens issues” thinks that he wasn’t fit to inherit the chocolate mill and offers alternative solutions. “I don’t recollect the trigger, but it was basically “The one who loves candy gets in fus for devouring candy in a candy factory tour where everywhere you go you eat candy. This is ludicrous.” Evayna told Bored Panda , explaining what first started the whole post. “I’ve noticed women often react a lot more positively than humen do. I think we’ve all felt the unfair beating for not being’ ladylike’ and having our knowledge overlooked” she added. Scroll down below to spoke her take over Wonka’s choice and tell us if you concur in specific comments!

One woman, Evayna, recently to recommend that Charlie shouldn’t have won Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory

“The one who loves candy gets in trouble for eating candy in a candy factory tour where everywhere you go you eat candy. This is ludicrous” Evayna told Bored Panda

Her arguings drew attention and sparked its consideration of the item amongst other users

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