We know you’ve always wanted to see the Lego version of yourself now you can

Don’t be a blockhead .

Image: firebox

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Lego is the one doll adults pretend to outgrow, but never genuinely do. Because if that 5,000 -piece box of Star Wars Legos was sitting right beside you , you wouldn’t be able to leave it alone.

So, what if we told you your childhood dream of being was transformed into a Lego-esque toy is possible? Brick Yourself is here to make a replica out of you or a friend, and it is awesome.

Yes, this is a real thing: Firebox , a London-based online retailer known for their wacky yet hilarious items, is stimulating it possible for you to have a real, tangible, toy version of yourself. Just provide some facts, like your pastimes, your work, what you wear on a daily basis or your personal style, and even accessories you may always carry like glass, a purse, or a fur coating and fancy sword( if your wildest dreams involve being a Game of Thrones character ). Then upload an image of yourself, add a epithet or funny description to go in the text box below, and just wait for your mini-me to arrive in the mail.

Molly wishes that she didn’t live in a frame.

Image: firebox

Not only is Brick Yourself a great way to create some insanely unique decoration, but it would also make the most unique and awesome gift for a nerdy friend. Choose between getting your mini ego framed and present it off to coworkers in your office for $42, or get it on a keychain and prove it off to everyone on your morning commute for $28. As Firebox mentions, the results may just make you “brick yourself.”

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